March Already?

In 2 weeks, I’ll hopefully be in bed sooner than midnight, so that I can wake up early to get ready to go back to work. TWO WEEKS. I am ready and not ready to go back to the grind. I have definitely bonded with my baby and it seems as if we’re finally getting the hang of things. I pretty much know her different cries, her schedule. It was quite a struggle in the beginning, but now, we’ve got it down. I still don’t think we, mothers, have enough time off of work to care for our babies. We really need more time, at least a year. Or at least work part time from home. Maybe, telecommute. Something more that allows mothers to be there for her young children and not be penalized for it. There should be more options for new mothers especially those who are not high paying executives who can afford the best for their children. You know what I mean… sigh.

I’ll leave you with my heart for today. Nature. The clouds were unbelievable on the 405 today and the traffic wasn’t bad either. 

Happy February!

It’s 2015 and I never got around to saying Happy New Year! I can’t believe it’s already February. Life is just flying by. I’m still on maternity/family bonding leave and only have a little over a month left with my “Little Luv-Luv.” She’s acquired a new nickname as she’s gotten a bit older. Life with four kids has been a challenge. The real challenge is how I handle certain situations. My Mister has been great at pointing out my response/reactions to things. I really need to get a grip and act like the adult. I forget that the kids are 8, 5, 2… sigh. I’m the parent, the adult and I really need to let “it” go, yes, just like the Frozen song.

So, starting now, I’m holding myself accountable for my actions. I’m going to do my best to not yell and overreact to little things. I mean they really are little things. How much trouble can these kids get into?

I’ve been reading some great blog posts over at Toca Boca. I posted a few articles on my Facebook wall. Check them out if you get a chance.

One of my favorite posts is this post about kids and playtime.

I think we own almost all the apps Toca Boca has to offer. I heart their products. They’re fantastic!

Music Monday with Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars

My kids love to sing this song. It’s another song the mister dislikes. I don’t mind it.

My “Little Luv-Luv” has been quite a handful these days. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have a baby in the house. A lot of my life has been completely put on hold which includes blogging. I hope to get out of the woods soon.
I leave you with my heart of the day.

I’ve been hanging out with these girls everyday. I better enjoy it before I get back to work.

Happy New Year’s Eve!

I almost forgot about this guy… he does such great video remixes!! I don’t remember when I first discovered his talent, but I was reminded of his “Danthologies” via Facebook. It’s a great mix of some of the best songs from 2014.

And because he’s brilliant, here’s 2013.

And just for fun 2012… I think this is the first one I saw and instantly became a fan.

Might as well add 2011…

And his very first one from 2010…

Enjoy! I heart him! Happy New Year’s Eve Everyone!!